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5 biggest mistakes business owners make with SEO

1) Checking their rankings every day.

Once a week is plenty. Once every two weeks would be better. Don’t make your life revolve around your Google ranking. Checking too often will make you worry needlessly about normal fluctuations. It will raise your blood pressure. Don’t do it. Its really tempting so make a promise to yourself right now that you won’t, and write it down. If that won’t do the trick (and you know who you are) give it to your spouse or business partner, and have them hold you to it, or at least post it above your desk.

2) Switching SEO companies too often. You paid them money on the first. Your site is still on page 4 of the search results at the end of the month. Time to replace him right? Wrong! SEO is a long term (or at least medium term) strategy. It is not like dumping 10,000 post cards in the mail and counting the responses the next week. You need to give his strategy time to work. The more time an SEO person, or in fact any marketing strategist, works with a business, the more they learn about it, and the more good ideas they can come up with.

3)Making your life revolve around your Google position. I once had a customer whose whole business depended solely on the position of his Google Places (map listing) in the search engine results. He was scared stiff every time we made a change in his listing. Don’t let your business depend solely on one traffic source.

4)Not checking all the important keywords. Check them by adding your city to the front and back of your keywords. Check them by removing the city from the search and setting it in the options on the left (for Google). Check both singular and plural forms of your keywords. Searches that seem the same to you, can give very different placement in the results. You want good placement for all the common ways people could enter the search string, not just the way you tend to do it!

5) Paying out money to an SEO firm and then not doing your part. If  you are trying to be found in local search you need photos, you need videos, and you need reviews. I bet when you talked to your SEO person that the responsibility for getting some of these was left to you. Do your part or the work that your SEO company does for you will be useless. I see this all the time with new blog creators. They hire me to teach them WordPress, and don’t follow through with their homework assignments. They are like home owners who paint 1/4 of an exterior wall and stop–they end up with nothing to show for their efforts. Don’t let uncompleted parts of an SEO project keep your business from showing up in the first page of Google results!

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