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Don’t let frustration stop your IM success

The other day I was working at the library, and a man approached me for help. He was trying to qualify for food stamps, and had been told to fill out an application online. He was obviously very unfamiliar with how to do things online. When he got to the part of the instructions on the website, that told him to pick a  user name and a password, he had trouble following the instructions and needed my help. I was pretty sure that if I helped him to build a really strong password, he would lose it and run into more problems. So I  told him to take two simple words that he could remember, and place numerals in between, in order to build a password. He wanted to use the words dog and cat, and I explained that the two words needed to be much more different, such as dog and xylophone. Then the form asked for his e-mail address. He didn’t have one so I told him to go to Google and sign up for an email account. This time he got frustrated. It was one unfamiliar task too many for him!

The directions on the site were well-written, and he shouldn’t have had any problem, but he allowed himself to get frustrated.

Most visitors to this site, probably would not get frustrated registering for an account online, but most of you have or will experience similar frustrations at one time or another, as you master the tasks involved in learning to market and sell online.

Just the other day, a friend of mine put her e-mail address on her business website. I explained to her that doing this would make her a target for spam bots that harvest e-mail addresses, and her e-mail box would fill up with spam. I recommended that she remove the e-mail address before Google re-indexed her site, and use a contact form instead. She did — but the next day, she had added her cell phone number on the website. I explained to her that placing her phone number on her site in text format  would make her phone number subject to robot harvesting, and get her added to all kinds of marketing lists. So she would be receiving lots of unwanted solicitations over the phone. I recommended that she remove the phone number and place an image of her phone number on the site instead.

This time she got frustrated with me. “Nothing I do is ever right”, she said. By the next day, she had fixed her site and had stopped being upset with me. She realized that I really did have her best interests at heart.

The frustration she put herself through was unnecessary. We all get frustrated at times, but in both the cases I have cited above, the directions were very simple, all that both parties had to do was simply follow them.

I had a physics teacher in junior high school, who had a big sign up on the wall of his classroom. It read: ‘Don’t think. Do!’. He had found over the years, that many students became frustrated when they were trying to perform the experiments he assigned, because they wanted to understand why each step was necessary before they performed it. He found that if they would just perform the tasks, and follow his directions line by line, that they could complete the experiments successfully. Understanding the whys behind each step became much easier, once they had actually done the experiments.

Internet marketing tasks are often similar to the tasks we needed to perform in his physics class. Next time you are trying to hook up a shopping cart, or start an e-mail marketing campaign,  just follow the instructions on your vendor’s site line by line. If you start to get frustrated, stop what you’re doing, do something that helps you calm down, and come back to the problem later. There’s never any sense in allowing yourself to get frustrated. Just remember my physics teacher’s motto: ‘Don’t think. Do.’ When I was using a website owned by a major Internet marketer recently, I found a flaw in it, I sent the owner a support ticket, and within two hours he had fixed the site and send me an e-mail explaining what he’d done. Successful people do not over think things. They just do. Don’t think just do!

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