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First Steps

As a new affiliate marketer you will need to sign up with a ton of different on-line sites-host accounts, forums, video sites, and social media and social bookmarking sites. You could use the same login name and password for everyone of them but I wouldn’t advise it. That would be a really poor security practice.

There is a great password manager called Roboform. It will help you fill out registration forms for forums and membership sites by storing your personal information. Then it will remember and recall your passwords as you need them. A single master password protects all other sensitive passwords. You can get a free version of Roboform and start getting used to it. You can only store 10 logins with the free version so if you like it, you will need to upgrade to the pro version as you will probably sign up for that many sites your first week as an internet marketer.

Next you need a tool to make your web site with. For a beginner it is easier to make your fixed pages with an html editor and then link to your wordpress blog. The SEO benefits of wordpress really apply mainly to the area where you will be constantly creating content -your blog, and not nearly so much for your fixed pages. I recommend you use Komposer, available free at (They do take donations if you can afford it and are so inclined). I made a video on how to use it and placed it on Just search for videohelpforim

Now you need to do some keyword research. Sign up for a Google Adwords account. You can use Google’s external keywords tool without one but then you have to fill in those captcha boxes. There are two other tools you may want to purchase: Micro Niche Finder and Market Samurai (trial version). I like Market Samurai because it has modules for checking your page rank and your competitors page rank, checking the strength of your competition (and looking at their backlinks), checking for available domains, checking for available affiliate programs, looking for content you may be able to use, publishing content, promoting your site and adding Adwords to your sites.

Once you have found your main keyword, you need a domain name. Choose a domain name starting with your keyword and ending in .com,.org, or .net.

co is not another form of .com. It is an abbreviation for Colombia and you should avoid it unless you are doing business in that country. I recommend Namecheap for registering your domain names. They are quick and easy to use and they do not have a reputation for front-running (grabbing a domain name and raising the price on it when you search for it and don’t buy immediately). After you have your domain name and you have built a fewpages, it is time to place them on the internet. Don’t worry about monetizing them yet, that should usually come later, after you have moved them up in the search engine rankings.

What you need now is a hosting company. I recommend the baby package at They are affordable, have cpanel which is a great standard interface that any tech person should already be familiar with. It has Fantastico which means you can install WordPress on a domain with no effort in about 60 seconds.

To get you started with HostGator here is a

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