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Purchasing a Domain Name

Buying a domain name.

Some of my associates report that they have searched for a domain name on GoDaddy and come back later to find that GoDaddy had purchased that name and was reselling it at a premium price. This is why I recommend using NameCheap. They are not always the very cheapest but their pricing is very affordable and they offer free WhoIs enrollment when you purchase a domain name through them. Open an account with them. Now pick a .com name that you don’t want. See how much the total comes to. Now load that amount into your shopping cart using Paypal, Google Checkout or a credit card. Remove the dummy dot com purchase from your shopping cart. Choose the domain you do want and add it to your cart. Then you can purchase it immediately using the funds already in your
NameCheap account. This eliminates the small chance of someone else purchasing it while you are trying to type in payment information.

If you have your name server information from your hosting account you can enter it when you make your purchase. Otherwise just change it later. There are videos that show you exactly how to do this,and NameCheap has very good support if you have any problems. Be sure to mark domain name renewals down on your calender (although NameCheap will probably send you an email reminder). If you let a domain name lapse anyone can grab it and unless you have the name trademarked you won’t be able to get it back or it will cost you a big premium to get it back.