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Get clients with approval by association

Many years ago, a tuba player named Abe Torchinsky received an invitation to come to the University of Michigan as Assistant Professor of Tuba. He was concerned that he did not possess a Masters or a PhD in music  like many of the other faculty. In fact, he didn’t even possess a high school diploma. He felt that if he accepted he would never be promoted because of his lack of a degree. So he replied to the university’s offer, that he would be willing to come, but only as a full professor. What leverage had he had? He had played tuba under one of the most famous conductors of all time–Arturo Toscanini. That’s right, he had been Toscanini’s tuba player. The lesson here is approval by association.

In case any one is wondering everything worked out well for both Abe and the university. He became a very respected professor, and the school of music was able to attract many fine tuba students over the years.

What would it do for your business if you could claim to be Oprah’s hairdresser, or Donald Trump’s publicist.? Now you may not personally know someone that famous, who you can arrange to work for, but you probably know someone who does. Remember the concept of seven degrees of separation. Use social media sites like LinkedIn to connect with a celebrity. Can’t get together with an international A-list celebrity? Start with the B-list celebrity, or a local celebrity. They need only be more well known than you are for the association to pay off.

Make a list of local celebrities and then figure out who you know, who can help you become associated with one of them. If all else fails there are  nationally known authors will co-author , a book with you–for a fat fee.

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