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How long will it take for my SEO efforts to show results?

How long until my site is on page one?

Sometimes you can get a page to show up on page one of the SERPs (search engine results pages) almost immediately. Normally it will take much longer. Before a page can show up in Google’s search results the GoogleBot (a robot which scans the web for new information to index) must crawl a site. This usually happens automatically within one to four days of putting up a new site, however there are ways such as pinging high traffic indexing sites with information about your new site, that will speed the process up.

Once your page is indexed it usually won’t show up in the search results right away. It must wait until Google updates the information on its servers. This will probably not take any more than two weeks. Your new site may start to show up in the search results for low volume keywords, and longer keywords right away. More competitive keywords can take considerably longer. You will probably start off only ranking for exact searches (ones where the search terms are placed inside quotation marks). You may see some of your terms found in regular searches (without quotation marks), but they will probably start well back in the results. As you build or acquire links back to your site, it should move up in the ranking. A term that you can rank for very quickly is usually of little use, as it means the level of competition is very low. If no one else wants it, perhaps it has no traffic. Use the Google traffic estimator to find out.

Sites with good on-page seo will tend to move up faster. If there were an on-page seo score, and an off-page one, then you would multiply them together to get an idea of how your page would rank. The on-page seo acts as leverage. The better it is, the more effect the quantity, quality and proper distribution of backlinks will have.

There are plenty of guides about on-page seo on the internet, but the main rule is: make your page look relevant to the search engines for a specific keyword.

In summary no one can tell you how fast you can move your site onto page one. It depends on having unique content, having your pages well optimized and getting a good variety of backlinks from quality pages of differing types. With a reasonable effort you can probably get most local sites onto page one for local searches within three months. A site which is competing nationally may take a considerable effort over six to seven months to get onto page one. In some cases it will be even harder. Most of what you need can be obtained with effort or with the expenditure of money, but you cannot make up for the fact that your competitors have older domains- unless you can purchase an aged domain name that has not expired. Even if an SEO person could predict perfectly how all these factors will interact, they have no idea how much effort your competitors may make to promote their sites in the next three months, so no when can tell you for sure when they can get you to the number one position, or when they can get you onto the first page.

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