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How often do people search for your keyword in Bing?

How to estimate monthly keyword searches for Bing

It is simple to predict how many people will search for your keywords in Google. For those who’ve never done this, and those who need a reminder, here is what you do. You open a search engine and type in ‘Google traffic estimator’. Go there and simply enter your keyword, fill out the captcha and hit enter.

But what if you would like to know how many people might find your site through Bing? Perhaps your site is ranking well in Bing search engine results, but you’ve not been able to get it ranking very high in Google. Will you get enough traffic in Bing to justify further effort on the site? Or perhaps you are considering a pay per click campaign with Bing. Will there be enough traffic to make it worthwhile?

There are two ways to go about figuring this out:
Use the Google traffic estimator to find out how many monthly searches occur in Google for your keyword, then do some simple math to figure out how many monthly searches occur in Bing. If Google has 80% of the search traffic and Bing has 10%, then simple arithmetic will give you the answer you need. But what percentage do each of them actually have? This will change over time. The best way to find out is simply to type your query into one of the search engines. For example enter ‘search engines’ + ‘market share’. The thing to watch for is that Google doesn’t always put the most recent data at the top of the search results. Either scroll through the data to find the most recent one, or make sure your query includes a recent month and year. Also different sites will give different estimates of market share.

updated example

For example for June 2012:

from ComScore: from
Google: 66.8% Google: 72.23%
Bing: 15.6% Bing: 12.51%

The other way to check the number of searches on Bing is more direct. Simply open an account with Microsoft Ad Center (no cost to do this) and then download Microsoft Advertising intelligence. You need Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to make it work, but if you don’t have it installed you can download a 60 day trial version. For details check these two sites:

bing blog

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