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I need more sales from my web site

The number of sales you can make from your web site depends on 3 factors:


Is your site getting enough traffic? Before you can sell anyone anything you need to get them to your web site. The best thing to do is figure out where your potential buyers hang out and then find a way to pull them from those sites to yours. Sometimes applying the same logic you would use in the offline world to find customers can be a useful source of ideas for attracting online customers. Are there certain forums that your target audience hang out at? Can you start posting there and offer good information so that you build rapport and develop trust with the members? Then they are more apt to click through if you have a profile link in your posts. Try to use catchy phrases in the anchor text of your links, something that will make people want to click.

The same strategy applies if they hang out elsewhere- in Facebook groups, on Craigslist etc. Be careful about how you approach people. The rules and culture of sites differ greatly as far as how blatant you can be with trying to sell something. Perhaps your site is not the type where you can get free traffic easily from other sites. In that case consider paying for traffic-perhaps a PPC campaign on a major search engine or on Facebook or YouTube or a solo ad from someone with an appropriate mailing list.


Once you start getting visitors to your site look at your site logs or at your Google Analytics. If your bounce rate is high, either your site has a problem in that it doesn’t hold there interest very long, or you are getting visitors from the wrong source-you are attracting people to your site who are just not interested in your product or service.


If you are getting visitors to your site and they are staying on site a while, but they are still not buying then one of the following factors is probably the cause:

  • You have not developed enough trust with them yet for them to want to buy
  • Your sales copy is weak. You are missing a unique selling proposition or a call to action.
  • Your pricing is wrong.
  • Your site has design problems.

Go through these factors carefully one at a time,preferably with fresh eyes. If that doesn’t work then perhaps your service or product will not sell easily during a single visit. Perhaps you can give something away in return for your potential customer’s email address. Once they are subscribed to your list you can send them information and special sales offers over and over.

Of course you need to make sure they don’t opt out of your list, so make sure you give them valuable information. Every message should not be a sales pitch.

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