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Is your site blacklisted ?

Is your site blacklisted? Your site may have a bad reputation because you are on shared hosting with disreputable neighbors or because of things that the previous owner of your site did. There are two issues here. If your site has been online for a couple of months and does not appear in Google at all, then it may have been blacklisted by Google. I am not talking about a site that appears on page 100 of the SERPS (search engine result pages). I am talking about a site which doesn’t appear at all.

To check this go to your site and select some unique text (hint take the end of one paragraph and the start of the next). Copy it, place it all in quotes and enter it into the search box at Google. If your site doesn’t come up then you likely have a problem. Go to Google webmaster tools and follow the instructions to have your site reconsidered.

Another type of problem is if your site gets on a list of spammer sites and your email starts getting blocked. To check this install the Firefox plugin- ‘Domain Details’. Now browse to your site. You should see the country flag of the country where your web host is located, with some numbers next to it. Copy those numbers and enter them into a blacklist check box at a site such as If your site’s IP address is on any of the spam site lists, you should ask your hosting company to get it removed from the list or move you to a shared address that is not listed. It is their job to police their users and get rid of spammers so people who share ip space do not get blocked. If they try to convince you that the only solution is for you to pay them more money so you can have your own dedicated server, it may be time to move to a different hosting company.

One last tip, if you are sending out a lot of commercial e-mail use a service such as Awebber or Constant Contact. Services like this make sure they stay white-listed with other hosts so their emails do not get blocked.