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Keep control over your web site

Keep hosting,design and domain registration separate

It sounds like a great idea, just pay them $40 a month, and they will take care of hosting your shopping cart site, and take care of registering the domain name for you. They will also post all your content for you. You simply send it to them and they’ll take care of everything. But what if their performance is not as good as their salespeople say it will be?

The danger with a program like that is in what happens when it comes time to replace your hosting company. Perhaps you’ve outgrown them, perhaps they simply weren’t performing properly, perhaps your needs have changed, or you found a better deal. When this happens you don’t want to find out that you don’t actually own the domain name. If the domain name is registered to your web designers company, instead of your own, you may have to start all over with a new domain name. You will loose all the links that are pointing towards your old site name, and you will lose all the link juice that came from them and your rankings in the search engines. Also your present customers may have trouble finding your new site.

All this could have been avoided, by following one simple rule. Register your domain name yourself, under your name or your company’s name. You can do this at Namecheap.In the above example if the business with the bundled package is unhappy and wants to go to a new web host, all they have to do is log into their account at their domain registrar and change the name servers so that they point to their new web host.Buy your domain name before you talk to your developer or hosting company. That way you can tell them that you want to use the name you already have. You don’t want them to think you don’t trust them–do you? Don’t forget to do your keyword research before you pick our domain name though!

Of course the domain name is not the only asset of a web site. You still need to move or re-create the content. That is usually a very minor problem, because almost any content that can be seen on the web, can be copied or downloaded. The important thing to remember here, is to download or copy your content before you stop paying your old hosting company and they take the site down.

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