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Local Search

Why you need to master local search

If you are running a local business or promoting local businesses for others, you must be aware of local search. Right now the only other form of advertising that compares with it in efficiency and power, is having a large storefront in a prominent location. For a long time, the power of the web has been out of reach for many people. It was only available to those who got there first, and others who had substantial time and money to spend on SEO, so that they could appear on the first pages of the search engines.

Local search has changed all that. Now to be found in the search engine, all you have to do, is compete successfully with other local businesses in your own field. Many business owners, are not taking the time to manage their local search listings correctly. To see what I mean, go to and type the word ‘barber’ in the search box. You will see that many of the listings show up without a map, without pictures, without video, and worst of all without any reviews.

Here is an outline of the steps to take to be found in local search, and what to do to push your listing into the number one position on the front page.

  1. Register, and claim your listing at three major citation sites, add as much information as you can.
  2. Repeat step one at a few minor citation sites.
  3. Submit your business information to the major search engines
  4. Add photos, maps and videos to all your listings.
  5. Build a website, and add the url to or your listings.
  6. Have your customers submit positive reviews to the citation sites.
  7. Find still more citation sites and add your information.
  8. Get reviews for those sites.
  9. Build back links to your Google places page
  10. Build back links to your own website.
  11. Build back links to all of your citation pages

The above list is only a summary of the steps to take to get found on the listings. For a short but comprehensive guide, please purchase my guide to local search. It includes lists of sites where you can get citations, techniques to find additional sites that don’t appear in many lists that your competitors will not be able to find, and pitfalls that you must avoid, so your listings are not deleted.

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