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Long tail keywords

Did you realize that you can be on page one of Google right now, with very little effort, and no back links. What’s the catch? You can only do it for keywords that almost no one is searching for. When you analyze the last statement, the important word is almost. Which is easier: getting to the top of the first page for a term with 30,000 searches per month, or building 3000 pages around individual search terms that have 10 searches per month? The answer of course is it depends on a number of factors–how fast can you write, how good are your back linking strategies, does your niche lend itself to 3000 different articles.

Let’s make a real more realistic example. How hard would it be to build 300 pages on topics which all had 100 searches per month? For many small businesses this is the way to go. Your content will be more unique, because other people will ignore the topics which only have a few searches per month, and you will get to the top of page one much more quickly.

If your site is getting some traffic, but it’s not getting the rankings you need to give you enough traffic to make substantial sales, you should re-evaluate your site in terms of the above strategy. Almost all of us put a lot of effort into doing good SEO work on our home page. However, the home page is often the hardest page to get ranked, because it often deals with a more competitive set of keywords.

Go back over your other pages and make sure that they are optimized for search engines. Often, you will find you put up an inside page focused on a keyword that is a too competitive or that has too low a search volume. When you figure out a better keyword, you can re-title the page. The best way to do this is to put up a new copy of the page, and do a 301 permanent redirect from the old page to the new page. Depending on your site structure, other strategies may apply. If it is not appropriate to redirect the old page to the new one, then go into your meta tags and create a tag

Stop thinking that everyone will enter your site through your home page and start concentrating on your other pages and you will see your site rise in the rankings,

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