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Should you hire an SEO expert or do it yourself

Should you hire an SEO expert or do it yourself? Should you spend your time learning the rules of on-page SEO and tweaking your site yourself? Then do you continue the process by doing the offline SEO as well? If you spend two to three months researching SEO on-line you might be ready to start the process of building organic traffic to your site.

For some businesses there is little choice-if you are a plumber or a general contractor who needs to be at job sites away from his office most of the day, there is no choice. If you are a barber who’s business is slow, or an accountant during the off-season (not tax time), you may be able to do some or all of your own SEO work. As with most things, it probably won’t be done as well or as quickly as if you had hired an expert.You should consider whether it might not make sense to pay an SEO consultant to tell you what to do. That way you have the best of both worlds- some one writing your promotional articles and creating other content who really knows and cares about your business (you), and advice on what to do from an expert.

Always consider if your time could be spent more profitably doing something else. If you have a larger business, with an ad budget above $4000 a month, you should definitely hire someone instead of doing it yourself as your time is too valuable. Whatever you do, spend your money first on SEO so you get traffic, second on copy- so you convert visitors to customers, and only last on designers. Never pay out large amounts of money to get some fancy Flash based site that will not get indexed in the search engines because they can’t read the site content to figure out what your site is even about.

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