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The truth about back links

If you hear anything at all about back links, you hear conflicting stories…you should not build any, just put up great content and people will link to you…you should put up a few so people can find you…you should put up as many as you can….if you put up too many the search engines will penalize you and no one will find your site until the year 3000.

Let’s take these one by one. If you don’t build any back links, you will likely be on page 300 of the search engines and no one will be able to link to you even if you have the best content in the world, because they will never find you.

Now let’s examine strategy number two. Build a few links in high traffic sites which are relevant to your content.This is a great strategy if your chosen keywords have low competition and you can provide really great content.

In some fields it is hard to provide really great content as everyone is saying the same things. Or there may be too much competition  for your key words. You may need to build a lot more back links. If you are too aggressive, add too many links too fast or with too little relevancy, or buy links from a known link farm, you may get penalized, (but it shouldn’t keep your site unlisted through the year 3000).Your best bet is to vary the type of links you build -don’t have them all coming from forum signatures or article directories. Vary the anchor text. Make it look natural- if other sites were putting up the links wouldn’t they vary the anchor text? If there is only one anchor text that makes sense when linking to your site then don’t worry about it.

The best type of links are ones you can’t get without some one else liking your content-a link from the middle of a page on a highly ranked site, or a link from an article that the owner of a highly ranked blog let’s you guest author on their site.