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Using social media to establish trust

Last year I thought it would be fun to sign up for some affiliate programs and run some small ads on the web linking directly to my affiliate page. US Free Ads lets you run unlimited ads for a flat fee, providing they are all different. I picked out 30 products that serve desperate niches. Then I posted an ad for each one. I got a reasonable number of views and I got some clicks-throughs to the affiliate pages. However no one ever clicked through to the next page to find out the prices of products. What was the problem here? I must have written decent ad copy or they would not have clicked through to the affiliate pages. I know that the copy on the affiliate pages was pretty good as I had chosen products that had a fairly high gravity rating on ClickBank. What then was the problem?

I believe that the people were not ready to buy because they had not been pre-sold, I had not established any trust with them. Perhaps at one time this was not necessary, but I believe today, to sell on the web we have to establish trust. This can be done in one of two ways- either we offer people free gifts that have value to them such as an e-book, some free software, or some PLR, whatever we can find, or we simply offer great content to them on our blog or website.

The second way to establish trust with someone is to be introduced to them by someone they already trust. When you think about it, many of the people we hire in the real world we find because their friends and family recommend them ,whether it be a lawyer, an accountant, a car mechanic, or a house painter.

We can take advantage of referrals online just as we would in the off-line world, by using various social media sites sites such as Facebook and Linkedin which offer us the chance to become friends or linkees with friends of friends, and friends of those friends. If someone has found us through their friends, or even if they just know that we are friends of their friends, we already start out with a higher degree of trust than if they just find this through a search on the web.

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