Why use videos to promote your business?

There is a big advantage to using videos to promote a business or a website as opposed to using articles- there are less of them. If there are 100 articles on a subject, there may be only 10 videos. Which one do you think has a better chance of being findable on Google? Why are there less videos?

Perhaps it is because article marketing has been around a lot longer than video marketing. Or perhaps it is because many people perceive video creation is difficult. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Don’t worry, if you don’t even own a video camera, as are many types of videos you can make without them.

Some types of videos:

Types one through five can be made without a camera!

1. text frames joined together.
2. text-like subtitles, only larger over background stills or video clips.
3. type one or two with music added.
4. type one to with a voice-over.
5. screen capture- use this for computer tutorials, software reviews, etc. You need a mike for the
sound but you can use free software.
6. web cam video of you talking -you will get better quality if you use a regular video camera
7. you and one other person, doing an interview.
8. action video with voice over or text superimposed

Video as it applies to local search

Make it local, talk about topics of local interest. Include scenes shot at local landmarks. If possible, use your city name in the title. Place the city or region in the description (notice this space is the opposite of the rule for how to fill in Google places information). Place a link at one end of your description, to your Google places page, and a link at the other end to your own website.

Where to post– everywhere, you can. Here is why- I once uploaded the same video to five sites using TubeMogul. BlipTV (I had forgotten that they don’t accept commercially oriented videos) deleted my account. The copy on YouTube appeared well down on page two of Google search results. The copy I placed at MetaCafé is halfway down page one!

Unless you’re a large company with lots of money to spend, you are usually better off having your videos hosted on a video site rather than your own web site. If you want a copy on your site, YouTube and Amazon both give you code to place on your site to embed the video with. It plays on your site, but is using the bandwidth of their site. Displaying their non-obtrusive logo is a small price to pay for this. Do turn off the auto start on your site and look through the other settings at YouTube after you upload your video. You probably also want to turn off the film strip of recommended videos, that will otherwise show at the bottom of your clip. Remember that by placing a video on one of these sharing sites, you are allowing other people to use it. If you have something really good, containing proprietary information, that you don’t want other people using to promote their products or services, then that is the one reason why you would want to host your video yourself.

How do people get a banner overlay for their YouTube video with links right in the video? They do this by placing a YouTube ad for their video- hint – currently you can pause your ad and the banner and links remain.

If you need a video to fill out your local listings and promote your site, and you don’t want to mess with any of this, just go to my video submission page and fill in the blanks, I’ll build a type two video with music for you. All you need is some lines of text. Pictures and logos are optional.
As of this time, I’m offering your first video for free. If you want a different type of video just let me know.

Here is one I made to help job seekers get information to restore their hope and refresh their energy:

Here is one I made for local business owners who want to be found in the search engines:

Here is an example of one I made for eMarketing Groups: