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Why didn’t your marketing campaign get the same results as your guru did?

Differential results.

dissapointed with your marketing campaignYou set up a marketing plan, being careful to copy the steps of someone who was successful with that same product or a very similar one. You duplicated everything as closely as you could. Yet your results were nothing like theirs. What happened?

1) Perhaps they lied about their results. It does happen –the Internet is full of pitches for marketing methods and tools, complete with screenshots of PayPal accounts or Clickbank account records to prove how well the tools work. Some of the screenshots are fakes.

2) Assuming they didn’t lie, then something has changed. Perhaps
between the time they sold theirs and you tried to sell yours, the
product or the marketing method, or the type of ad copy has become
passé. Sometimes a month’s difference on the internet can be equivalent
to ten years in the physical world.

Before you give up on the product, you should examine a few factors to
see if any differences between the two campaigns could have caused your
poor conversions.

  • Did the person you copied have a better brand? If they have a trusted name within the niche and you are new to it, this could be the cause of your poor results.
  • Was the copy of your ad as good, as theirs? Get some opinions from knowledgeable marketers.
  • Was your product as good as theirs?
  • Was your pricing correct?
  • Did they offer better bonuses than you did?
  • Was your test sample too small? We all want to control losses from unproductive campaigns, but you want to be sure to send your ad to enough people so that you have a meaningful sample.
  • Was your ad sent out on the best day, at the best time? For many products I would try around 5:30 Eastern time, Wednesday through Friday, and around 10 AM on Saturday.
  • Was your landing page as good as the original one?
  • If you were selling an affiliate product did something change on the seller’s web site?
  • Was the list you sent to as targeted and responsive as the list in the
  • original campaign?
  • Has that list been over-mailed recently?
  • If you used pay per click, were your keywords as good as the original ones?

Think through the two campaigns and try to come up with any other
factors that could have made a difference. Now take all the data you
have on the two campaigns and run it by an expert at two. If all else
fails, solicit opinions on a marketing forum such as the Warrior Forum.
Since you created one of the campaigns, you are probably much too close to it to see the differences yourself.

Now, you should have the information you need to decide whether to
tweak your campaign or to move on to a different product.

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