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WordPress Tips

Here is how I solved the problem I had with extra line breaks in my posts and pages. I would normally start off a post using WordPerfect and dictating with Dragon Naturally Speaking. Then I would paste into Windows Notepad, so that I could see that strange first character that WordPress inserts and remove it. After that I would copy and paste the post into the WordPress editor. No matter how many things I tried, I kept getting unwanted line breaks in my posts and pages.

I recently found a great way to remove them,using a free program called Notetab Lite. I copy the whole post into Notetab Lite and select all of it. Then I click on Modify|Lines|Join Lines and the unwanted line breaks disappear. I can now post the material into the WordPress editor, and I don’t get any unwanted line breaks.

There’s another great trick that you can do with Notepad Lite. Sometimes you will want to edit a WordPress theme but you don’t know what file contains the function you need to change. For example, say that there are a bunch of links in the footer of your theme that you want to change to no-follow but you don’t know which file contains the function that creates them. Open an FTP program and download the whole folder containing your site to your local computer. Now open Notetab Lite, click on File|Open and browse to the directory you just downloaded. Open your theme folder and find the sub-directory named WP-contents. Open it and select all the files and click open. That’s right, you can open all of them at once. They will open in individual tabs. Now go to the edit menu, click on Search|Count Occurrences. The text you want in this case is <a http:// . Once you have your total count, click Search|Find. Now check through all occurrences using F3 until you find the one that needs to be changed. Make sure you back that file up under another name. Make your changes. Now all you need to do is FTP the edited file back to your site. It will replace the old file and your changes will take effect.

Notetab Lite also offers some very advanced features that may appeal to a few people in the Pro version. When you open it the first time, you will be offered a 30 day trial of these features. I suggest you decline the 30 day trial until you’re ready to test those features, as by delaying it your 30 day trial will be extended until you start testing.To try the commercial features later, you open the view menu and select commercial features.

Notetab lite is one of those rare things–a free program that does a lot of things really well.

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